N ethyl n nitrosourea msds sheets

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N ethyl n nitrosourea msds sheets

CAS Number Search. Transplacental carcinogenesis by N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea provides an ideal experimental model in which the sequential development of brain tumours can be studied. Empirical Formula sheets msds ( Hill Notation) C 3 H 7 N 3 O 2. N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea: N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea: 759. Chemsrc provides N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea( CAS# : MSDS density, melting point, structure, formula, boiling point molecular weight etc. N- Nitroso- N- ethylurea ISOPAC ® Synonym: sheets ENU, N- Ethyl- msds N- nitrosourea CAS Number. Search results msds for N- methyl- N - nitrosourea at Sigma- Aldrich. Compare Products: Select up to 4 products. If breathed in, move person into fresh air. PubChem Substance ID. N- Ethyl- N- nitrosourea has a preferential transplacental neonatal action, a single intravenous intraperitoneal injection inducing an almost 100% incidence of neural neoplasms. N ethyl n nitrosourea msds sheets. It is also toxic at high doses. Molecular Weight 117. Articles of N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea are included as well. * Please select more than one item msds to sheets sheets compare. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance.

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Many small alkylating agents, including dimethyl and diethyl nitrosamine, N- methyl- N′ - nitrosourea, N- ethyl- N′ - nitrosourea, and 1, 2- dimethyl hydrazine, are potent carcinogens and mutagens. These alkylators are directly reactive with DNA, and do not require metabolic activation for their activity. In the mouse, random mutagenesis with N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea ( ENU) has been used since the 1970s in forward mutagenesis screens. However, only in the last decade has ENU mutagenesis been harnessed to generate a myriad of new mouse mutations in large- scale genetic screens and focused, smaller efforts.

n ethyl n nitrosourea msds sheets

N- Nitroso- N- methylurea is a nitrosourea compound with alkylating, carcinogenic, and mutagenic properties. This protocol describes chemical mutagenesis of male mice using N- ethyl- N- nitrosourea ( ENU), which is the most efficient method for obtaining mouse mutations in phenotype- driven screens. ENU, also known as N- ethyl- N- nitroso urea ( chemical formula C 3 H 7 N 3 O 2), is a highly potent mutagen.